UK soon to have better teeth than US?

Could we really be losing our reputation of having bad teeth? Brits once famed for not having the best teeth compared to our American friends have now started to overtake the US with the demand for Aesthetic dentistry, with popular treatment options that include tooth whitening, veneers and of course our most popular treatment option…

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On your marks, get set … Brush

Get those timers out kids, it’s time to learn how to brush your teeth! As we start to hit the shops and busy ourselves with the preparation as our children’s are now returning to school (yay) uniforms, shoes, stationary and a tooth brush?…. I know what you are thinking, but Dentist are now calling for…

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Teeth-in-Line orthodontics has achieved an Investors in People accreditation! 

Teeth-in-Line orthodontics has achieved an Investors in People accreditation! Investors in People is a recognition that an organisation looks to improve performance and realise objectives through the management and development of its people. Our main priority is the satisfaction of our patients and we pride ourselves on the experience we give them. As such 96%…

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Invisalign Teen Milton Keynes

Invisalign Teen Milton Keynes Teeth-in-Line Unbrace yourself…Choose Invisalign Teen! Invisalign Teen is a very easy to use treatment without any metal wires or brackets! Invisalign Teen braces are completely clear and so discreet that even when you are smiling it will be very difficult to tell whether you are wearing an appliance or not. Straighten…

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Keeping your straight teeth, straight!

Here at Teeth-in-line it’s our job to transform smiles. This gives our patients confidence, and a smile to be proud of (as well as us)! Once the teeth are straight of course we want to keep them that way so that our patients will have straight teeth for the rest of their lives. To keep…

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Ain’t no mountain high enough!

Everest Base Camp challenge.   Here at Teethinline Orthodontics we are all super proud of our very own Mark Tobin. Some of our patients may be wondering what’s happening in October as he nearly has the entire month off, Well that’s because in less than two weeks he will be travelling to Nepal to trek to Everest Base Camp! The challenge…

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Top 10 teeth-staining foods

We have recently read a very interesting article from Bupa recently all about tips to avoid tooth staining: https://www.bupa.co.uk/Newsroom/OurViews/teeth-staining-foods Tooth whitening from your Dentist and Orthodontic treatments with a specialist Orthodontist are a fantastic ways of achieving that straight bright smile- but here’s some helpful tips on how to keep that look! So what causes staining?…

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Orthodontic Therapists

Did you know that more than 400 trained Orthodontic Therapists have been trained and entered specialist dental practice teams in the last 10 years? Here at Teethinline, we’ve had Orthodontic Therapists in our practice for the last 5 years – Abigail and Michelle have been doing an amazing job for our patients. The role itself…

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World Orthodontic Health Day

World Orthodontic Health Day 15th May 2017 We are delighted here at Teethinline Orthodontist to announce that the world will now celebrate the May 15th as World Orthodontic Health Day (WOHD). http://www.wfo.org/about-wfo/world-orthodontic-health-day/. The news has been welcomed by the British Orthodontic Society. The date was chosen for the first worldwide celebration because this is the…

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Lauren’s treatment progress! Tissues at the ready…..

Many of our patients will have seen lovely Lauren wearing her fixed metal brace with pride on our Milton Keynes reception, this morning after her routine fixed brace adjustment she’s had us all feeling a little emotional! We recommend getting your tissues ready before you read a little snippet of how MK receptionist Lauren is finding…

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