Get those timers out kids, it’s time to learn how to brush your teeth!

As we start to hit the shops and busy ourselves with the preparation as our children’s are now returning to school (yay) uniforms, shoes, stationary and a tooth brush?….

I know what you are thinking, but Dentist are now calling for the revenue from the sugar tax to be spent supervising children in nurseries, schools and even breakfast clubs.

Now days our lifestyles are hectic but spare 2 minutes twice a day to teach our children the vital lesson that will be used every day for the rest of their lives.

That lesson can start today- So what’s needed? you will need age appropriate tooth paste and tooth brush and a few minutes and of course a little patience is always required.
It’s also vital to make sure you are seeing the general dentist for regular check-ups as often as advised, they will of course be able to give helpful tips and specific advice if needed.

Why is it so important? Worryingly tooth decay in children is on the rise and the need for children to have tooth extractions at hospitals has increased, Statistics show that a child in England will have a rotten tooth removed in hospital every 10 minutes! That mounts up to a staggering 141 children a day.

We love the tooth fairy but we don’t want her to pay a visit to children any sooner than they should.

Whilst tooth decay can also be caused by too much sugar in the diet and not just by poor brushing alone, it is still a major factor – we need to educate our children to eat well and brush well.

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