Nothing is as important as a genuine and heartfelt smile. Whether in your professional life or when you are out socialising, an attractive smile can make you feel happier and more relaxed –as well as making the right impression.

A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile is an amazing asset. It contributes to self-esteem and positive self-image – important qualities for any age group.

Improved Self Confidence

A person’s self confidence and self-esteem often improves following a course of orthodontic treatment as it brings teeth, lips and face into proportion and improves how you feel about the way you look, particularly when you smile.

Improved Dental Function

As well as having teeth that look nice, orthodontic treatment can also improve the function of your jaw and aid chewing efficiency of your teeth by enhancing the way your teeth bite together.

Improved Dental Health

Crowded teeth can be very difficult to clean. They provide areas for bacteria to grow and food to stagnate and therefore require a rigorous oral hygiene routine. Straight teeth are much easier to clean as there are no awkward gaps to get between and improved accessibility, making oral hygiene routines straight-forward.

Facilitation of Restorative Treatment

Orthodontic treatment can enhance the results of restorative dental work, particularly for dental implants.