Could we really be losing our reputation of having bad teeth?

Brits once famed for not having the best teeth compared to our American friends have now started to overtake the US with the demand for Aesthetic dentistry, with popular treatment options that include tooth whitening, veneers and of course our most popular treatment option invisalign.

An interesting read in this months ‘the-probe’ magazine showed a survey of more than 1000 UK residents aged over 18 years old showed that although only 76% of people in the UK wanted to change something about their face or bodies compared to 80% in the US, here more people are actually considering taking action. The survey showed 40% of brits are considering non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the next 12 months while Americans only 37% of people are thinking about booking in.

popular treatments
And the most desired treatments according to a poll conducted by Harris Poll for the doctor booking website RealSelf was not Botox or Fillers it was actually to improve their teeth with treatment such as whitening, Veneers or invisalign.

So what’s causing things to change?
The things to trigger this rise in treatment demand seems to be milestones such as Weddings, Birthdays, new jobs or a new relationship.

Smile transformations
Here a Teethinline we are all about making our patients happy and if for them that means a smile makeover we are happy to help.
Sometimes it is a big change, sometimes only minor, but for us it’s always amazing to see the impact this has on our patient’s confidence!

Make a change
So If 2019 is your year to make a change and do something you have been considering for a while why not contact us here at Teethinline to arrange a free consultation with one of our specialist Orthodontist.
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