Lauren’s treatment progress! Tissues at the ready…..

Many of our patients will have seen lovely Lauren wearing her fixed metal brace with pride on our Milton Keynes reception, this morning after her routine fixed brace adjustment she’s had us all feeling a little emotional! We recommend getting your tissues ready before you read a little snippet of how MK receptionist Lauren is finding…

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Protect your smile with a mouth guard.

Here at Teethinline Orthodontist we care about your beautiful smile, That’s why we always recommend our patients to use a Mouth guard to protect it:  What is a mouth guard and should I be using one? A mouth guard is a protective device that covers the teeth and gums, they are usually made plastic and can…

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Danger of DIY Orthodontics

A patient from USA has spent $40,000 replacing is natural teeth that he lost by attempting DIY orthodontic treatment. He used a system of elastics to close a space between his front teeth he has since had to undergo many hours of dental treatment to give him his smile back. DIY treatments will not be offering…

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