Did you know that more than 400 trained Orthodontic Therapists have been trained and entered specialist dental practice teams in the last 10 years?
Here at Teethinline, we’ve had Orthodontic Therapists in our practice for the last 5 years – Abigail and Michelle have been doing an amazing job for our patients. The role itself provides a fabulous opportunity for developing the knowledge, skills and experience of our highly qualified Dental and Orthodontic team members and adds value to the practice model. With this in mind, we are very proud to announce the addition of another Orthodontic Therapist (Trainee) to our team. Vicky Dodd is a qualified Orthodontic Dental Nurse already at the practice and will commence her training to become a fully qualified Orthodontic Therapist in July 2017.
Here’s a bit of background for our patients:
Our Orthodontic Therapists work across both our Newport Pagnell and Milton Keynes practices. If you are currently a patient in orthodontic treatment with us, you will already be familiar with Abigail and Michelle. You may also know Vicky if you have visited Dr Mark Tobin at the practices as she was his regular Nurse.
The role of the Orthodontic Therapist is to deliver treatment prescribed by a Specialist Orthodontist. The Therapist cannot diagnose or treatment plan but they are well qualified for the specific treatments they deliver. As with all our job roles at the practice, the Orthodontic Therapists are also governed by GDC Regulations which ensures they deliver treatments they feel safe, competent and trained to do. See here for more information about the scope of practice for an Orthodontic Therapist and other roles in the practice team: https://www.gdc-uk.org/professionals/standards/st-scope-of-practice.
Here at Teethinline our Orthodontic Therapists are supervised by their Specialist colleagues. This includes checking treatment progress and prescribing for the patients next appointment. If for any reason a Specialist is not available at your appointment, we will ensure that you are reviewed by an Orthodontic Specialist at the next available opportunity.
As a Trainee Orthodontic Therapist, Vicky will work alongside her Specialist mentor Dr Mark Tobin. Although Vicky may work in the opposite surgery to Mark, he or a Specialist colleague will always be on hand for guidance and will routinely check in with her patients to see how things are going. Appointments with Vicky will be slightly longer than with a qualified Orthodontic Therapist but you do get the added bonus of having your treatment overseen by Mark who is the principal at the practice! If you are to be seen by our Trainee Orthodontic Therapist, you will be advised of this and we will seek your consent before an appointment is booked.
Whilst we’re sure you will feel safe, comfortable and very well looked after by our wonderful team here at Teethinline, if you have any questions about the role of the Orthodontic Therapist, please don’t hesitate to ask any member of our team at the practice or email practicemanager@teethinline.co.uk