Here at Teethinline Orthodontist we care about your beautiful smile, That’s why we always recommend our patients to use a Mouth guard to protect it: 

What is a mouth guard and should I be using one?
A mouth guard is a protective device that covers the teeth and gums, they are usually made plastic and can be custom made from your Dental practice or brought from a sports shop or online,
The type of appliance you choose comes down to individual preference but the important thing is that they are being used when needed to protect your smile from damage.
Every Year thousands of sport related incidents occur and all too often in our industry we see Lip and cheek injuries, healthy teeth chipped or even knocked out completely from a preventable accident.
Mouth guards are for people of every age and are available now days in a wide range of colours,
If you play any form of contact sport such as football, hockey, rugby, boxing etc. a guard should always be used!
But sometimes even when doing non-contact sports such as skateboarding or mountain biking it may be worth wearing one.


I have fixed braces, should I wear a mouth guard?

YES absolutely, and if you are unsure of the type of mouth guard you should choose please ask your Orthodontist or general Dentist and they will advise you.

For example if you currently have braces it would probably be best to use a brand that can be re-molded for the changes that will occur in your mouth over your treatment time.
After your Orthodontic treatment is completed it may be worth investing in a customized made to measure mouth guard, these are available from your general dentist.

We are available to answer any questions you have so please feel free to contact us on: 01908 399980 / 01908 619060

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