Our Clinical Team are committed to continuous professional development and have achieved or are studying towards qualification as RDN (Registered Dental Nurse) and/or ODN (Orthodontic Dental Nurse). Our qualified nurses are registered with the General Dental Council and we are all BDA Good Practice Scheme members, a nationally recognised assurance of best practice standards dental/orthodontic care.

Kelly Rogers


GDC Number: 188186 Lead Nurse - RDN,ODN, NEBDN X-Ray Qualified

Donna Edwards


GDC Number:134126 RDN, ODN, NEBDN X-Ray Qualified

Hayley Mitchell


GDC Number: 247202, RDN BDA X-Ray Qualified, BDA Oral Health Education Certificate

Helen Morland


GDC Number: 107916 RDN, NEBDN X-Ray Qualified

Alice Turnbull


GDC Number: 239332, RDN

Katie Letts


GDC Number: 194885 RDN

Vicky Dodd


GDC number: 251993, RDN, ODN, BDA X-Ray Qualified

Wendy Pooley


GDC Number: 181988 RDN, NEBDN X-Ray Qualified

Zané Smith


GDC Number:252242 RDN BDA X-Ray Qualified

Francis Frankland


GDC Number: 128388 RDN, BDA X-ray Qualified

Alina Dumitrasdu


GDC Number: 255429 RDN

Chantelle Roberts


GDC Number: 164052, RDN

Shannon Lloyd


GDC Number: 266322 RDN

Lisa Dudman


GDC Number 267412, RDN

Lisa Simpson


GDC Number 253542 RDN

Lesley Lambert


Lab Assistant

Kate Bowler


GDC Number: 158615 RDN, ODN, NEBDN X-Ray Qualified

Emma Lancaster


GDC Number: 187367 RDN, Treatment Co-ordinator, BDA X-ray Qualified

Lorraine Emerton


GDC Number: 152318 RDN, Treatment Co-ordinator