Do you play contact sports? If so then we recommend you keep your teeth protected with a mouthguard.

When playing contact sport such as rugby, hockey, netball, and football there is a chance that you could bit hit in the face and there is a potential risk of damage to the teeth. By wearing a mouthguard you are helping to protect your teeth from impact.

Reasons to wear a mouthguard

  • Helps reduce the chance of concussion
  • Protects jaw joint against injury
  • Protects soft tissues from injury
  • Cushions teeth against injury
  • Helps prevent injuries to the jaw and neck

There are 2 types of mouthguards:

Custom made mouthguards.  The custom made mouthguards have a close comfortable fit. Patients will have impressions taken which are sent to a dental laboratory to be manufactured. The mouthguards are then fitted by the dentist a few weeks later. These mouthguards can be made in various colours and designs depending on preferences. The cost of custom made mouthguards start from £50 for one colour, the price increases as more colours are added.

Re mouldable mouthguards. During orthodontics these are recommended because they can be remoulded during treatment as the teeth move. They are not as costly as the custom made mouthguards and can be purchased from the practice for £14.50. This mouthguard is fitted at home according to the instructions. They come in a few different colours to choose from.

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