Many of our patients will have seen lovely Lauren wearing her fixed metal brace with pride on our Milton Keynes reception, this morning after her routine fixed brace adjustment she’s had us all feeling a little emotional!

We recommend getting your tissues ready before you read a little snippet of how MK receptionist Lauren is finding her treatment. Below is a little of what she has to say…..

Before & progress today

I had my regular adjustment appointment today with Dr Tobin and a progress picture taken… The results were way beyond anything that I could have expected and my treatment is far from finished!

I had always been self-conscious about the appearance of my teeth but more than that, eating food in front of people.

My open bite meant that my teeth did not meet and that eating simple things like a sandwich or pizza could end up an embarrassing, messy, disaster!! I hated going out for meals or eating lunch around other people.  

When I first had my brace fitted, my dream of eating a cucumber sandwich felt like an age away (if it was even possible!) but just 9 months later and I have an almost ‘normal’ bite!

Seeing my ‘before’ picture beside my ‘progress’ today was extremely emotional. I cannot even put into words how orthodontic treatment has changed my life and my confidence already.

I just wish I had made this decision sooner in life but it means that I can sail my way into my 30s with a beautiful smile and a salami pizza in my hand!!


How is this for a #transformationtuesday

We can’t wait to see her final results – good luck Lauren & well done Dr Tobin & team!