invisalign treatment has hit the headlines once again.

Andy Friedlander is one of the latest TV personality’s to come forward about having this fantastic treatment and he just cant stop raving about how good it is!

The Ideal male smile– more and more men are seeking an attractive straight smile,
Invisalign treatment lets you achieve this discreetly without anyone even knowing your doing it!


Andy Friedlander said: ‘I have appeared on national TV and commentated at major sporting events without anyone knowing I was wearing my Invisalign aligners.

‘Clear speech is vital to my career as a broadcaster and so it was vital to me that my diction was not affected in any way by my treatment. In fact I would say that if anything my speech is clearer as the aligners make me enunciate more carefully.’

He added: ‘HD TV also picks up minute details, which was why I wanted straighter teeth in the first place, yet no one has picked up on the fact that I have my aligners in.

‘However the secret is out of the bag now and millions of viewers will be able to witness my transformation as the weeks go by!’
Andy concluded ‘Goodbye English teeth, hello impeccable smile’.

We will certainly be looking out and following Andy’s progress!

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