A patient from USA has spent $40,000 replacing is natural teeth that he lost by attempting DIY orthodontic treatment. He used a system of elastics to close a space between his front teeth he has since had to undergo many hours of dental treatment to give him his smile back.

DIY treatments will not be offering bespoke service that Teethinline does:

* Who will spend their time carefully assessing and planning your treatment with your smile in mind?

* Who will take pre-treatment records to ensure that orthodontic treatment is right for you?

* Who provide you with evidence based after care instructions to ensure your investment lasts?

* Who will be there to help if something goes wrong?

When you decide to invest your precious time and hard earned money in to your straight new smile it pays to find the right person for the job.

You wouldn’t ask an electrician to install your new kitchen would you?

Teethinline have a team of 5 Specialist orthodontics that are just that Specialists in straightening teeth. Their knowledge means you are treated with the right brace type, using top brand materials to get the BEST results.

Patients often opt for DIY treatments due to cost or time frame, treatment here costs less than you think and Teethinline pride ourselves on competitive clear pricing and honest discussions about treatment length. We don’t charge more if your case if more complex!

With the perfect smile and quick wonder treatments advertised daily it is important to consider if it seems too good to be true it probably is!